About us ajm February 6, 2020

A. J. Medichem International

Vibrant Medical Company Providing Innovative and Efficient Healthcare Products

Unparalleled solutions that enable the best outcomes for healthcare recipients


Striving to provide high-quality products supported with incomparable service while ensuring Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, and Social Responsibility.

AJ Medichem International (AJM) is one of Sri Lanka’s leading healthcare service providers of modern solutions in the field of neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, blood transfusion, general surgery, critical care and blood therapeutic products. Established in 1989, the company has grown into one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment, devices and biopharmaceuticals, dedicated to providing high quality products for healthcare recipients, as well as innovative and inspirational technologies for healthcare providers.

AJM has introduced more than 300 high quality healthcare products from 40 international manufacturers, including, Integra Lifesciences, GORE, BD, Smith & Nephew, Fresenius Kabi, Fresinus Medical, Medtronic, LivaNova, Corcym, Baxter and Takeda to mention a few, thus significantly contributing to Sri Lanka’s developments in the field of medical devices and equipment.

The company embraces the ISO Quality standards and was ISO 13485 certified in 2019.

Having a robust business continuity plan has enabled the company to support the healthcare sector through the various circumstances the country has been in.

The Sri Lankan healthcare system has stood many challenges during the past decades and has come out resilient overcoming all those and delivering the best possible care to the citizens. We as A J Medichem are proud to be of assistance and part of this great healthcare system and will be doing our utmost in the future too, keeping to the best practices.

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