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Mobile Tube Sealer

  • Sealers type: Automatic
  • Structure: Portable / Bench top
  • Clamps: Single / Multiple
  • Detection alerts: Audible beep and LED light
  • Sealing head: Built-in with spatter protection
  • Pre-heating: Not required
  • Power consumption: Low
  • Protection systems: Anti-spark and overheat
  • Protection panel: Movable and washable
  • Rechargeable battery pack: Optional
  • Radio frequency generator: Optional
  • Shoulder bag (Portable model): Optional
  • Hand held sealing (Bench model): Optional

A selection of blood bag tube sealers are available from mobile, benchtop with single clamp to benchtop with multi-clamps. The different models of tube sealers that we offer gives you the freedom to work with sealers in any environment and for any application required. We have 2 types of mobile sealers, the Hemoweld–GUN and the Hemoweld–B.The Hemoweld–GUN, is a mobile radio-frequency sealer, battery powered, for blood bags tubings. The automated sealing process makes sealing highly consistent and with no stress for the operator. It comes equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery pack that allows up to 1500 seals when fully-charged, with 100 consecutive seals and 1000 battery recharges. It is also possible to add to it a serial port for data connectivity.The Hemoweld–B, is also a mobile sealer, weighing less than 1 KG, and can be transported with the optional transport pack. It is highly ergonomic and is designed to achieve instantaneous sealing. It is battery powered, intended for use with blood bags tubings. It comes equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery pack that allows up to 500 seals when fully-charged.In terms of bench top models, the user needs to select if they require single or multiple clamping. The Hemoweld–T is designed with an automatic single clamp for PVC tubing. The clamping takes 1.5 seconds, the instruments with very easy to use and clean, and is very sturdy. The built-in anti-spark and overheat protection systems will avoid damage to the instrument and keep it running for a long time. The user does have the possibility to connect to it an additional clamping handle for ergonomy. The Hemoweld–MC offers automatic multi-clamping for segment preparation. It is designed to rapidly prepare up to 4 segments of PVC tubing. Each model of these blood bag sealers has a variety of accessories available to complement each product.



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