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Ty-Care Closed Suction for ventilated patients


Closed airway suction system
Repeated endotracheal suctioning performed with conventional disposable catheters involves disconnection of the patient from the ventilator – a procedure which is not without complications and risks. Especially in patients depending on high PEEP levels or suffering from haemodynamic instability, interruption of ventilation can lead to: – arterial and mixed venous oxygen desaturation – loss of lung volume – alveolar derecruitment in hypoxemic patients – increase in mean arterial pressure and heart rate TY-CARE, TY-CARE exel and TY-CARE Neo/Ped are designed to remain part of the breathing system during suctioning without disconnecting ventilatory support and thus maintaining respiratory parameters.

Superior hygiene and protection
Open suctioning exposes both the patient and the hospital staff to the risk of cross-contamination. TY-CARE, TY-CARE exel and TY-CARE exel Neo/Ped closed suction systems protect patient’s airway from environmental pathogens and prevents hospital staff from exposure to aerosolized germs expelled by the patient during open suctioning. This is particularly important for infective and immunodepressed patients. TY-CARE, TY-CARE exel and TY-CARE exel Neo/Ped are cost-effective and easy to use allowing one-user suctioning procedures and reducing daily consumption of single use material.


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